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Change the game rules

“At the end of the Recital, when we had exhausted, so it seemed, all the possible ways of investigation, when we were free of advice and resources (or so it seemed) when we were almost helpless, everything was re-assembled. It re-assembled when the truth came out. At that point, therefore, in the well-constructed representation (and, perhaps, in life, with honesty), we understand that what seemed accidental was essential, we recognize the scheme according to which our character acted, we are free to sigh or to weep. And then we can go home.”

(David Mamet)


Relationship in Business

“We live in a country where causes and not effects always occur”

Luigi Pirandello

In RiB we consider corporate culture as “The sum of values, expectations and experiences that characterize the activities of the members of an organization and, as such, differentiates one organization from another. (Hofstade) Declaring its uniqueness.

In RiB we deal with this: bringing to light the values of all members, picking up expectations about the future, as well as the past disillusionments. Looking at the present, how it is in the business, and how it is lived. Finally, according to the oldest ars maieutica, we rediscover the true identity of the organization, its anchors and course.



“By helping people adapt to a destructive society, are we doing no harm than good?”

Terence O’Connor

“By helping people adapt to a destructive society, are we doing more harm than good?” O’Connor

It’s the trend: change to adapt. Thinking positively always and in any case. Smiling unceasingly, even when there is nothing to smile at. Be winners in a world that substantially has the wrong game rules.

Coaching as I see it, serves to help the individual find the strength, tools and strategies to change the surrounding reality to what it really is. There are no mistakes made, but rather a lack of tools. There is learning by trial. There are people who live as they can and who can learn to live better.

I help them find the way. Once that is found, happiness and energy to live will come naturally.


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