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What i do

e-coaching sessions

Man is a social animal and often the need for belonging means that some aspects of the character, particularly delicate or complex to be understood, are lived as being inadequate for sharing, as if they were dark “shadows” of a personality. Parts that are often segregated or used in secret.


Water Training

The training experience in Mexico, in a culture that uses different modes of care and maternity, has led me to reflect on how the concept of education and instruction should be expanded and made three-dimensional, giving greater value to the perceptive component.


Integration strategies

Multiculturalism in the various social contexts, is increasingly a consolidated phenomenon and sometimes the quality of relationships that are established within multi-ethnic communities are not satisfactory. Conflicts that are triggered have different origins and can be of a different nature.


Inspirational Travel Designer

For many people traveling is still an extreme act of courage. When I tell my travel experiences, it is not uncommon to meet the astonishment and desire of others who might also embark on their own personal adventure. The biggest difficulty is not to overcome the inertia of a limiting self-image, besides the fear of the unknown.


In the company

Let’s start from team building. Not to “build” a team, but to harmonize identities. People have an intrinsic potential that needs to be expressed and shared in the workplace as well. They should be able to act spontaneously, to structure themselves in a flexible way, depending on the time and the need. Not building then, but composing in a natural way, in order to generate board skills and make the company a cultural change agent.