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The e-coaching philosophy

Loveliness unfathomable, as ever lover saw in his young bride’s eye! Tell me not of thy teeth-tiered sharks, and thy kidnapping cannibal ways. Let faith oust fact; let fancy oust memory; I look deep down and do believe.

Cit. Moby Dick, H. Melville

It’s the trend: change, to adapt. Be winners in a world that substantially has the wrong game rules.

 Yet the frontiers of humanistic psychology continue to provide insights into self-consciousness, contemplating a harmonious and broad look in which I find myself, such as that proposed by modern ecopsychology. The same frontiers also suggest other interesting alternative ways, and most likely, around the search for quality of life.Coaching for how I see it, serves to help humans find the strength, tools,and strategies to change the surrounding reality, depending on their true nature.

There are no mistakes made, rather a lack of tools. There is learning by trial. There are people who live as they can and who can learn to live better. For this reason, eCoaching works on optimizing resources and energies in an ECOLOGICAL view. It is incorrect to say that it is necessary to change. It’s better to find ourselves, to remember who we really are and reconnect to that fiery fire that inspires,in good and bad, every gesture of existence, giving a deep meaning and an ETHIC to the most complex and incomprehensible moments of a life.

In the light of the epochal crisis we are going through, I care about helping people find themselves, but even more to respect themselves. I help them listen to that authentic voice, that comes from a distance and involves everyone.

Maria Letizia Trento - Filosofia e-Coaching